RAF operation Fencing-1

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When the moon is its first quarter during the night of March 31st, 6 minutes after mission FARO of Bob Celosse had started. Lt. Ibbott pulls up the Hudson aircraft marked with letter 'P for Peter' away from the runway of the secret RAF base Tempsford. On board are two Dutch SOE agents with their equipment and they are on their way to occupied Holland along the southern route. These agents are Tobias Biallosterski and his wireless operator Jan Steman. This is RAF operation Fencing-1.


It's a quarter past midnight when Ibbott enters Dutch airspace over the island Tholen. He makes a slight turn and flies in the direction of a Dutch town called Breda. When he spots the silhouette of the town he suddenly noticed that lights are switched on of the runway south-east of the town where the German airbase Gilze-Rijen is located. This could mean that there are German night fighters in the air and now he has to be extra careful. A little after half past twelve, at an altitude of only 600 feet, Ibbott is closing in to the drop zone, which is located on the Zundertsche Heide. He moves to the south-east in order to fly against the wind and when both agents agree with the location of the drop zone they jump into the dark night. The basket containing Steman's radio equipment is thrown out of the aircraft by the despatcher right after the two men have jumped. (Information provided by mr. Huub van Sabben, Deventer, The Netherlands)


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       Hudson aircraft, used for dropping agents.

       Hudson aircraft, used for dropping agents.