Hello to all who faithfully follow our website. I took a two year hiatus for personal reasons but I am returning to our research this year.

We are still reviewing files we found at Kew Gardens and hope to share them with you soon. Recently, we also received numerous files on the VIC circuit, which is the escape route Tobias used to return to London from the field from April to July 1944. Many thanks to John Howes for his invaluable help in finding these files as well as many others.

I will be back to building the English version of the website soon. Willem on the other hand has made incredible strides with the Dutch segment of this website and his dedication is evident throughout. To access his site please go to weggum.com

As mentioned in my previous post, I was fortunate to travel to Holland a few years ago to photograph many of Tobs' personal items including the album Eva made for Tobs. Inside I found a treasure-trove of documents including Tobs' original agenda and address book for which we previously only had photo-copies. Many thanks go to my cousins Miriam and Bennica in Holland, who are Tobs' eldest brother's two daughters, and who have meticulously cared for these family archives.

We are still using the area at the bottom of the page, called the Footer, to showcase different pieces of our work in progress. We hope you will find many of the new changes and additions informative.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support,

Suzanne & Willem