Berding, Erik. Alias THEO. Worked for the Persoons Bewijs Sectie in Amsterdam. This was a resistance organisation which produced false papers, for Jews and for resistance members. He handed over to Tobias original German documents, which could be falsified by SOE in England. Born April 3 rd 1921 in Middelburg. Arrested by the SD in Amsterdam on June 13th 1944. Died January 24th 1945 in Camp Sachsenhausen near Berlin. He was a civil servant in Oldehove, Groningen, went to Amsterdam in October 13th 1943.

Braak, Anton van der. Lived at Dorpstraat B24A in Esch. Wrote a book called 'My story, Esch 1940-1945' Was appointed by Tobias to be CAT  (Commader Drop Zones) in Brabant.

Balder, Jacob. Lived at Dorpstraat 138 in Broek op Langendijk. Member of the resistance organization 'Groep-2000' and member of an escape line, taking care and transporting downed airmen. Worked with Tobias before the latter escaped to England in October 1943.

Bak, Adriaan de. Editor of the underground newspaper 'Je Maintiendrai'. He received a large sum of money from Tobias during his first mission to be devided over the underground papers which hadn't received any support from the government in exile so far.

Butler, Anthony. Alias used by Danhaive while travelling on the VIC-line.

Bruin, Hans. Alias used by Tobias Biallosterski in Holland during both Draughts missions.